Friday, April 20, 2012

DIY Alkaline Water

When I worked for a holistic chiropractor almost 9 years ago, I had access to the very first model of Ozonated Water (the smell and taste of it was amazing!). I happily hoarded as much water as I could. After leaving there, access to filtered water was a bit trickier.

With our water supply being fluoridated aka POISONED (violating our rights and wreaking havoc for our health) and the environmental issues such as metal toxicity (which is something I struggle with constantly if I do end up using the tap water for anything), etc, etc, I am not keen to drinking or using tap water.

Since I married 4.5 years ago, I have kept a 3 gallon jug of Reverse Osmosis water in my fridge  (the water here also makes me gag so I have to have it!!).  I figured it was the best thing that I had access to while I tried to find answers to what the best option for water.

Recently I have learned about Water Ionizers that alkalize your water and therefore help to alkalize you!  To learn more about the importance of this, I recommend reading The pH Miracle by Robert O. Young and Shelley Young.   Funny thing about all this is...I read this book ten years ago, so I basically had the answer staring me in the face for a decade and I forgot all about it.  I seriously need some brain pills (or maybe some alkaline water???).  It wasn't until perusing through Green Smoothie Girl's blog some time ago that I learned of the importance of this water and how you can obtain it through Water Ionizers.

Alkaline water balances the pH in your body, obviously, and provides you with important minerals needed for cellular function that your body can leech from your bones and tissues if it doesn't get them from your water. I recently read, and I need to remember where I read this so I can site it later, that nearly every disease can be traced back to a deficiency in minerals.  And with all the information I've read over the years, I believe that whole-heartedly.  

The problem??  Water Ionizers be a lit' bit pricey.  I have decided to go off of Robyn Openshaw's recommendation of using a Life Ionizer ( also has some on their site) and I checked into the group buy.  However, right now it is not something I am going to be able to purchase even with the stellar discount and freebies that I desperately want to take advantage of.  So...I'll be saving my pennies for one of those, too.

Happily, I came across the Do It Yourself version of alkaline water from Young and Raw that I plan on taking advantage of and wanted to pass it along.  Hopefully, you find this helpful if you are in a small boat like me whose large boat has not quite made it in yet :)

Also, adding the juice of one lemon to your filtered water is another simple way to alkalize and cleanse the body and is used in this FREE 3 Day Cleanse from The Earth Diet.


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